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Who’s your favorite richest celebrities?

richest celebrities

And what is your definition of a celebrity? In which category of life do your favorite wealthy celebrities fall? Are they your favorite movie actors or TV stars? Are they your favorite rock stars? Or are they your favorite entrepreneurs or big time businessmen that you admire, always wondering if you’ll ever be able to emulate them. That’s enough questions for today. Let’s give our take on why people like their celebrities rich, or not. If they’re not already rich, they’re among the worlds richest. While many of the highest paid actors in the entertainment business are a lot richer than most of the world’s business owners, they are not anywhere in the league of the world’s fifty richest billionaires.

In this top fifty list of the richest celebrities, you are going to find famous businessmen that have been hammering it out for many years. At the time of writing, Warren Buffett, executive chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, was listed as the world’s second richest billionaire. While he is a known genius for making accurate stock market and company forecasts, you must just remember that this old man has been in business a lot longer than most. In fact, he’s been working since most of our grandparents were even born. That’s a lot of years in anyone’s books.

And today, the old Oracle of Omaha is still working. There’s just no stopping this old man. He loves to work. There’s no such thing as ‘quit while you’re ahead’ in this old man’s vocabulary. He loves making money, lots of it apparently. Maybe some of you are not so interested in business. Maybe you’re more interested in the entertainment business and the superstars that keep it afloat. But have you ever wondered why these actors all get paid so much. Some say it’s actually quite disgusting. They have a point, when you think about it.

After all, here you get a guy making millions for telling jokes on TV every night. And there, usually in some war-torn country, you get good doctors with university training, years of experience and highly specialized medical skills getting paid next to nothing helping people critically in need. You would think that the doctor’s job is more important than the comedian’s. But apparently not. You have to look at it another way. The comedians and other famous actors are, in essence, generating high revenue for the companies producing their shows.

It’s their market value, you see. For all the entertaining work they do, it’s only fair that they get a slice of the entertainment cake. Or what do you think? Do you think that’s right? Okay, no more questions. No more, we promise. The fact of the matter is this. While these actors get paid in their millions, what they’re making, and that includes product endorsements, is still a drop in the ocean in comparison to what the big companies that they’re representing are making. Which is why these companies’ owners are in the world’s top fifty of richest billionaires. 

Why Build a PC?

We are always asked why someone would want to build their own computer when you can just go online and you can buy something that will get the job done. And the reason that we often give to people is a monetary one. If you are going to build your own computer, you are going to save a ton of money as compared to what you will find pre-built at any store. Nowadays we even have sites where you can pre-build a computer with customized parts and have it sent to you. And those sites are very tempting to use.

But even with those sites, you will find the end price they are charging you, with shipping included, is going to be around $300 more expensive than the computer you are building. Now if you are building a $3000 machine, an extra $300 may not seem so nuts. But if your computer would cost you $600 to build, and it is going to cost you $900 to get from these types of sites where they build it for you, then we think it is not a smart purchase. Why would you spend a third of the money on them building the PC when you can do it on your own?

It is not even about saving money, but getting value. You can still spend $900 on the computer if you want, but what you will get for that extra $300 is better parts. You can get better parts and a better hard drive for your computer, and that means so much more performance when you are doing anything like playing games or rendering video files. We think it is much better to use the money that you have within your computer budget on better parts, instead of paying someone to build it for you!

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